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Christian Man Fired After Recommending Anti-Gay Movie To Lesbian Co-Worker (Video)

Chris Routson was reportedly fired from his factory job in Middletown, Ohio, after recommending an anti-gay film to a lesbian co-worker. The film in question, "Audacity," features a young Christian man who tries to convert gay people to Christianity to keep them from going to Hell (video below).

The movie also includes clips of evangelist Ray Comfort (whose ministry Living Waters produced the film) debating LGBT people in real life.

"I have had good reviews from my supervisors for the past 13 years at my job, and I have always been outspoken about my faith to other employees and have never had any problems up until the last week of my employment," Routson told Charisma News.

Routson recalled how he "friended" a lesbian co-worker on Facebook, and recommended "Audacity" to her while online at home.

He added that his supervisors told him later that he made his co-worker "uncomfortable," but Routson informed his bosses that he could not stop proselytizing.

Routson said that he told another female co-worker two days later: "Every new person I meet I want to share the gospel with them and if they still want to be my friend then I have gained a friend."

He also recommended "Audacity" to her and claimed that she didn't seem bothered by their discussion of homosexuality in the workplace.

Routson was soon told by his manager that he made the second employee uncomfortable, and was sent home. Routson claims that he was fired the next day.

In response, Comfort told Charisma News:

"Audacity" was produced particularly to show that Christians don't hate homosexuals. We deliberately didn't stereotype or vilify homosexuals even slightly. Before it was released, one reviewer said that it had the potential to bring reconciliation between the LGBT and Christians.

However, the Christian website noted: "This is a running theme throughout 'Audacity.' Both Peter [Christian young man in the film] and Comfort insist their motives aren’t grounded in hatred. Rather, they love homosexuals enough to tell them the truth about their sinful lifestyle. Yet, as I watched them both reach out to these people they were so determined to save, I couldn’t help but notice one important detail; they never asked them their names." added, "Anti-gay? Well, the central theme of Audacity appears to be that the most loving thing one can do for one’s LGBT friends is to tell them that they’re living a life of sin and are going to Hell. It stands to reason that in an America where a majority now support gay rights, this might not go over well."

Comfort claimed on his Facebook page in July: "Atheists have gone to IMDb (the go-to place to get information on movies) and given it one star reviews, saying things like, “Truly awful. Acting mediocre, plot line dreadful, message disgusting.”

"You may like to go there and leave a genuine review, from someone who has actually seen it."

Sources: Charisma News,, Facebook / Photo Credit: Living Waters/YouTube Screenshot


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