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Christian Leader: Trump Can Bring God's Blessing (Video)

Tony Perkins, president of the conservative Family Research Council, said on June 21 that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump could bring God's blessing back to America (video below).

Perkins made his assertion on the same day that he and hundreds of evangelical leaders met with Trump, notes

Perkins told Sandy Rios, who was guest-hosting his "Washington Watch" radio show: "Given what we've seen over the last seven and a half years, evangelicals have been under constant attack and marginalization by the policies of [President] Barack Obama."

Perkins didn't specifically name those attacks and policies, but expressed his hope Trump would be surrounded by evangelicals who would help him develop positions "that will, in fact, help America be great again."

Perkins said that he had not decided what to do campaign-wise for Trump, but added that he was going to vote for the three-time married casino mogul.

Rios warned that some pictures of Melania Trump's modeling career are going to pop up, as well as Trump's marriages and the women in his life.

Perkins said that he hoped that Trump "walks in that grace that is available," and that there would be people who come along side to "help him cast a vision that moves America back to a country that honors God again and, therefore, would be a recipient of His blessing."

Perkins was not clear exactly which years he believes America has honored God and not honored God.

Christian author Eric Metaxas also attended Trump's meeting with the evangelicals and came away with a dire warning on June 21 during an interview with Christian radio host Mike Gallagher, reports

Metaxas promoted his new book and warned of a dark future if Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton were to appoint justices to the U.S. Supreme Court:

"The freest nation in the history of the world will, under a new Democratic administration, we will no longer have the freedom where the people’s voice counts.

"Now, Mike, think what I’m saying. In all of our years, we faced all kinds of struggles. The only time we faced an existential struggle like this was in the Civil War and in the revolution when the nation began.

"In other words, we’re not supposed to be here. We are an amazing, fragile treasure in the world, the freedoms that we have had. We are on the verge of losing it as we could have lost it in the Civil War. Now, the thing is, there are no guns involved, all you have is termites from within."

Sources: (2) / Photo credit: Family Research Council via Wikimedia 

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