Christian Leader Slams Transgender People In Military


Tony Perkins, head the conservative Family Research Council, mocked transgender people and slammed the June 30 announcement by U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter that transgender service members will no longer be discriminated against in the U.S. military.

Perkins said in a June 30 press release:

The world is facing some of the greatest evil ever unleashed on innocents and the President’s plan for combating it is letting men dress like women (and vice-versa) in our fighting force? Is this his plan for striking fear in ISIS’s hearts? This is what comes of a president who uses our military to fight culture wars instead of fighting real wars against the enemies of our nation.

Perkins did not mention that Obama has carried on small wars around the globe against terrorists for years, including bombing ISIS since 2014.

Carter said during his announcement that at least 18 other countries currently allow transgender people to serve in their militaries, notes CNN.

U.S. government officials said the new policy will allow transgender service members to use the bathrooms, housing, uniforms and fitness standards that correspond to their gender identity after they legally transition to that identity, reports The Associated Press.

Additionally, military commanders will have the choice to make case-by-case decisions regarding jobs, deployments and training.

The commanders will also be allowed to make changes regarding showering for transgender soldiers.

The new policy does not allow transgender service members to live and work in their self-identified gender identity while on-duty; they can only do so off-duty.

Perkins noted that some within the military did not support the rule change, which was also true when black, gay and female service members were integrated into U.S. military.

CNN reports that some current service members may be eligible for "hormone therapy and gender reassignment surgery if doctors determine that such procedures are medically necessary," which did not sit well with Perkins:

Are we to assume that taxpayers would also be hook for their hormone therapy, sexual reassignments, psychological counseling, and whatever facilities changes would need to be made to accommodate the gender-confused on base?

These are serious and complex issues that directly affect the national security of the United States. Meanwhile, at the Department of Veterans Affairs, Americans are already footing the bill for hormone replacement and pre- and post- gender reassignment care. Not only is this an outrageous waste of time and money, but it says an awful lot about the twisted priorities of this administration.

Sources: Family Research Council, APCNN / Photo credit:  Wikimedia Commons

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