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Christian Leader Weighs In On Starbucks Red Cup Controversy (Video)

Richard Land, former head of the Southern Baptist Convention and current head of Southern Evangelical Seminary, joined a Christian boycott against Starbucks on Nov. 11 because of the coffee company's red holiday cups (video below).

“Starbucks has embraced the left,” Newsmax TV host J.D. Hayworth told Land. “So much for diversity. Is it a big deal that they’ve gone to a red cup?”

“Well, for Christians it should be, and it certainly will impact my patronage of Starbucks,” Land answered. “You know, I’d probably have a chance to let them know, ‘By the way, I would have bought some coffee today if you had had a cup with Christmas ornaments on it or if you had a cup that was clearly Christmas, but I’m not, so that’s money you’ve lost.' That's the only language these people understand."

However, there is no mention of "Christmas" or any yearly celebration of Jesus' birthday in the Bible, nor is there any mention of ornaments, reindeer, snowmen and trees, which used to appear on Starbucks holiday cups.

Land said that Christians were being "dissed" by Starbucks and blamed pressure from "secular progressives," but did not name any specifics regarding these claims. He insisted that Christians must push back to preserve the (non-Biblical) holiday and their traditional values.

Land later added that he might give his name at Starbucks as “Joseph, the father of Jesus” in order to make the employees say his religious words.

The red cup controversy was started recently by Josh Feuerstein, a former pastor, and current Christian social media personality.

Feuerstein has been posting rants and sermons on social media sites for years, according to The Washington Post.

Feuerstein reportedly first got attention when he called a bakery in Florida to order a cake with the words: “We Do Not Support Gay Marriage.”

The newspaper reports that Feuerstein appeared on CNN on Nov. 9 and said that America was a Christian nation and that President Obama pretended to be a Christian to get elected.

Sources:, The Washington Post / Photo Credit: NewsmaxTV Screenshot, Huffington Post

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