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Christian Leader Backs Trump After Sex Assault Remarks (Video)

Christian leader Dr. James Dobson asserted on Oct. 12 that he was still supporting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump despite Trump's comments in 2005 about sexually assaulting women (video below).

Trump has denied that he ever assaulted any women, and says that his comments were simply "locker room talk."

Dobson issued his defense of Trump during an interview on the "Point of View" radio show that was guest hosted by Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas, notes Right Wing Watch.

Gohmert told Dobson: "I deeply regret things he may have said in the past, but I'm more concerned about America having a future."

Dobson told Gohmert that America's future was "hanging in the balance," and recalled that he left the USC School of Medicine in 1977 because he saw changes in society coming.

Dobson said that he never dreamed same-sex marriage and gender-free bathrooms at schools (transgender rights) would happen.

Dobson called Trump's comments "inexcusable," and added: "[B]ut as awful as they were, they don’t threaten the future of this nation and to elect Hillary Clinton because of this terrible language is to turn America on its ear and weaken it and we will never recover from it."

"If Hillary Clinton appoints [Antonin] Scalia’s replacement to the Supreme Court then our rights are done as Christians, as people who want to uphold the standards in the Bible," Gohmert said.

As a matter of record, presidents do not "appoint" U.S. Supreme Court judges. Those judges are nominated by the president, and must be approved by the Senate.

Dobson also defended Trump in an Oct. 11 statement by invoking Jesus Christ and attacking former President Bill Clinton (a new tactic of the Trump campaign), notes The Christian Post:

First, I do not condone nor defend Donald Trump's terrible comments made 11 years ago. They are indefensible and awful. I'm sure there are other misdeeds in his past, although as Jesus said, "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone." I am, however, more concerned about America's future than Donald Trump's past.

To my knowledge, Donald Trump has never abused women physically or had oral sex in the Oval Office with a vulnerable intern. Nor has he committed perjury by lying to Congress for many hours. Clinton, on the other hand, lost his license to practice law for that criminal act. Trump hasn't been impeached by Congress for his lies.

As a matter of record, the sexual relationship between Bill and Monica Lewinsky -- both legal adults at the time -- was consensual. The former president is not running for office.

Trump was accused by four women of sexual assault on Oct. 12, but denied their assertions.

Sources: Right Wing Watch, The Christian Post / Photo credit: Focus on the Family via Wikimedia Commons

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