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Christian Leader: Hillary Wanted To Ban Christianity (Video)

American Family Association president Tim Wildmon stated on Nov. 29 in a new AFA video (below) that Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who is a Christian, would have criminalized Christianity had she won the election.

Wildmon made his assertion during a conversation with his son Walker and AFA executive vice president Ed Vitagliano, notes Right Wing Watch.

Wildmon began the segment by insisting that Clinton and President Barack Obama were secular progressives, even though both are center-left and have self-identified as Christians:

The secular progressive movement, as represented by President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, they've had eight years of putting people into offices and places in the federal government. I think, had Hillary Clinton been elected, I think that the attacks on the Christian community would have gotten more intense.

Weldon didn't mention what these "attacks" were, but mockingly called himself a "deplorable."

The Southern Poverty Law Center has noted the AFA's long history of anti-LGBT bigotry, including blaming homosexuals for Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust, calling "homosexual behavior" a "public health" threat like "smoking," and claiming that homosexuals are "harmful" to children.

Wildmon reportedly said in 2012 that Islam "is, in fact, a religion of war, violence, intolerance, and physical persecution of non-Muslims."

Back at the AFA, Vitagliano told Wildmon: "I think the expectation is that a President Hillary Clinton would have fully weaponized the federal government to come after Christians, and that's based on what President Obama did during his eight years."

As a matter of record, Obama never weaponized the federal government to go after Christians.

Wildmon then cited the IRS' denial of conservative groups, referring to the Albuquerque Tea Party that was denied its application for nonprofit status on Nov. 13, reported The Washington Times.

Wildmon said that Clinton would have criminalized Christianity as president:

The secular progressive movement, they're not always out front with it, but they have a contempt for especially conservative Christians, and I think with the election of Donald Trump, we avoided catastrophe.

It's not saying that Donald Trump is a savior, we're still going to have to watch what goes on. But I think that the secular progressive movement and the power of the federal government, especially the executive branch, was ready to really penalize and criminalize ... Christianity in America, and we avoided that.

Sources: Right Wing WatchSouthern Poverty Law CenterThe Washington Times / Photo Credit: American Family Association via YouTube

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