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Christian Leader: God Elected Trump, Answer To Prayers (Video)

Former Pennsylvania state Rep. Sam Rohrer, who currently heads the American Pastors Network, announced on Nov. 11 the election of Donald Trump was God's answer to prayer (video below).

Rohrer made his assertion during an appearance on "Focus Today," notes Right Wing Watch:

No matter how anybody looks at this, and this was answer to prayer in my opinion for what we were praying for and I think many who were pretty faithful in praying prior to the election.

But I know that we, on our program and as we encouraged our pastors, we asked God that, "If you choose to have mercy on us as a nation," that's how we prayed, "God have mercy on us," because if we prayed, "Give us justice," we'd all be in big trouble.

We said, "God have mercy on us and if you choose, in your providence, to overrule the manipulations of man, make a win so clear that even the opponents would have to say somebody like God, or God, did it." And I believe that that’s exactly what happened.

Former Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's popular vote lead over President-elect Trump passed the 1 million mark, per Dave Wasserman of the Cook Political Report, who has been tabulating the total votes, reported Politico on Nov. 15.

Clinton is at 61,963,234 votes, while Trump came in at 60,961,185. Tracy Lewis of The Associated Press said there are still votes to be counted from California (Clinton win), Washington (Clinton win) and Utah (Trump win). Michigan, a state that was called for Trump on Nov. 8, is back in play with a margin that is too close to call.

Rohrer added: "I believe that what we saw was God answering the prayer of his people, and giving us a window, not necessarily a long window, but I think giving us a window of opportunity that now really, more than ever, depends on what God's people do following what we saw happening on Tuesday."

In response to Rohrer's assertions, the Friendly Atheist wrote:

Rohrer has run for Governor of Pennsylvania and lost. He also ran for Senate… and lost. If he believes God made Donald Trump president, wouldn’t he have to simultaneously believe that God did not want him to be either a Governor or a Senator of the state of Pennsylvania? Even by his own playbook, it’s odd to trust a person God clearly did not want in higher elected office to know what God wants in a President. If he could accurately read God’s signals, he must have known those campaigns were a waste of time.

Sources: Right Wing Watch, Politico, Friendly Atheist / Photo credit: Focus Today via YouTube

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