Christian Lawyer Taking Handgun To Target's Ladies Room


Anita Staver, president of the Christian-based Liberty Counsel law firm, tweeted April 22 that she was going to take her Glock .45 handgun into the woman's bathroom in Target because of the retail giant's new rule allowing transgender people to use the facility that matches their self-identified gender identity.

Anita's husband, Mat Staver, the Liberty Counsel chairman and Kim Davis' lawyer, tweeted: "I’m taking a Glock .45 to the ladies room. It identifies as my bodyguard. #BoycottTarget @Target."

The Target boycott started last week with an online petition posted by the Christian-based, anti-LGBT American Family Association. noted April 24 that the "Boycott Target Pledge" petition had reached 406,467 and added:

The press continues to frame this as an "LGBTQ-friendly" policy or a "trans" policy, but of course nobody is checking equipment.

What the policy does, in practical effect, is allow men to use the women's bathroom at any time for any reason and without question.

This is a ridiculous policy and people know that it is ridiculous and now Target is paying the price. People aren't standing for it.

A Facebook user with the handle Izzy Avraham wrote about his concerns for his daughter's (Tirza) safety inside a Target bathroom April 21:

So we got to Target and introduced ourselves to the manager. I asked her on a practical level how Target's policy worked out if my six-year-old daughter walked into the women's restroom and someone with a biologically male body walked in behind her.

She said Target has always had a policy of non-discrimination, and that if parents had concerns we could use the family rooms, or Tirzah could come in the men's washroom with me.

In response to these viable options offered by the Target manager, Avraham countered:

I told her that as a concerned dad, I'm uncomfortable with Target's decision to allow people with male bodies in the women's washrooms.

And that we think it's weird. We thanked her and left. I kept the whole conversation really polite and as relaxed as possible.

So here's what so wrong about this. Target's recent "inclusivity'"announcement concludes by saying "Everyone deserves to feel like they belong. And you’ll always be accepted, respected and welcomed at Target." Really?

Telling me you're ok with men walking into the bathroom behind my baby girl actually doesn't make me feel like I belong. It didn't make her feel like she belonged either, to hear the manager tell us that in person.

Basically Target just told us - and millions of concerned parents - that we're no longer accepted, respected, and welcome in their stores.

My friends, Target has crossed a line, and I believe this is a test case. If you're a concerned parent I invite you to do three things. 1. Share this story. 2. Then go to your nearest Target and do exactly what we did. 3. Then share your story, and use this hashtag: ‪#‎bye target‬

I'm not angry. I don't hate. I'm just a dad who love.

Sources: Twitter,, Facebook / Photo credit: Jan Hrdonka/Wikimedia

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