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Christian Historian: Gay Marriage Will Require One Locker Room For College Athletes (Video)

Controversial Christian historian David Barton recently claimed that if gay marriage becomes the law of the land, then all college athletes will have to share the same locker room and churches will be forced to hire gay people.

Barton made his claims on Glenn Beck's Internet radio show on Tuesday, noted (video below).

Barton first claimed that federal code had been changed "to where sex also means gender identity. So, when you remove sex, you replace that with gender identity."

Barton added that this will eventually mean that a "church or some faith group" would have to hire a gay person or end up in court.

Barton also stated:

Because sex also means gender identification. Title IX, which is what all the colleges use for sports, it goes out the door as well. So all your locker rooms now become one locker room, you can't distinguish between male and female.

In reality, Barton is confusing sexual orientation (gay, straight, bi) with gender identity (male, female, transgender), which are two separate issues. Also, there is no indication from any legitimate legal analyst that a U.S. Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage will force any religious institution to hire gay people or create one locker room in colleges.

Psychologist and blogger Warren Throckmorton noted this week that the Missouri Baptist Convention told him that they are "grateful" to be hosting Barton at their upcoming "Turning America Conference."

Barton's historical book "Jefferson Lies" was pulled by its publisher in 2012 because of inaccuracies. Barton has also madeadditionaloutrageousclaims.

Throckmorton asked two Christian historians about Barton being invited to the event and they noted the problems with Barton's historical claims and the audience not hearing mainstream historical facts to compare to Barton's versions.

Sources:, Warren Throckmorton
Image Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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