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Christian Historian David Barton Compares President Obama to Hitler Over Gun Control

Debunked Christian historian David Barton compared President Obama to Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin in a Twitter post and on his Facebook page yesterday (pictured), reports

The Facebook posting includes the caption: “The men who support your right to bear arms: Washington, Madison, Jefferson, Hamilton. Those who do not: Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Obama.”

Barton followed up later with a Facebook post that said: “The post earlier about leaders who support and oppose the right to bear arms was supposed to include a picture; it is now attached. We were simply passing on information someone had shared with us; this was not a quote from David. Sorry for any confusion!”

However, Barton failed to prove that Adolf Hitler supported the same gun control ideas that President Obama suggested last week, which included universal background checks for gun purchases, and banning the sale of military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines.

Mother Jones recently debunked the "Hitler supported gun control" claim, which Barton and many anti-gun control advocates refer to:

This argument is superficially true at best, as University of Chicago law professor Bernard Harcourt explained in a 2004 paper on Nazi Germany's impact on the American culture wars. As World War I drew to a close, the new Weimar Republic government banned nearly all private gun ownership to comply with the Treaty of Versailles and mandated that all guns and ammunition "be surrendered immediately."

The law was loosened in 1928, and gun permits were granted to citizens "of undoubted reliability" (in the law's words) but not "persons who are itinerant like Gypsies." In 1938, under Nazi rule, gun laws became significantly more relaxed. Rifle and shotgun possession were deregulated, and gun access for hunters, Nazi Party members, and government officials was expanded. The legal age to own a gun was lowered. Jews, however, were prohibited from owning firearms and other dangerous weapons.


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