Christian Historian David Barton Blames Democrats for Kermit Gosnell (Audio)


"WallBuilders Live" radio host and debunked Christian historian David Barton discussed the trial of Kermit Gosnell today (audio below).

Gosnell is charged with illegally performing third trimester abortions and slitting the spines of babies, which Barton claims the Democrat Party supports in their platform.

However, not one Democrat has supported Gosnell and a Planned Parenthood leader condemned him, reported

Barton also insisted that Democrats "have wrapped the flag of abortion around themselves" and "have wrapped Gosnell around themselves," noted

Barton failed to mention there are pro-choice Republicans. President Bush's former Secretary of State Condi Rice, his mother Barbara Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush are all pro-choice, reported the Washington Post.

"Hey, the Democrats are the ones who have wrapped the flag of abortion around themselves, they have wrapped Gosnell around themselves," claimed Barton. "Gosnell is a product of the Democrat thinking and philosophy... If you're in the Democrat Party,  this is what your party believes, this is what your party platform says, this is what you've wrapped yourself around, this is what you promote as president, this is it."

Source:, Washington Post,


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