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Christian Historian Claims Churches Will Have To Hire Pedophiles In Nurseries (Video)

ControversialChristian historian David Barton recently claimed that churches will have to hire pedophiles in their nurseries, male and female bathrooms/locker rooms will be eliminated and that President Obama announced that faith-based groups must hire homosexuals (video below).

Barton made his bizarre statements on the Missions Radio program this week, notes psychologist and blogger Warren Throckmorton.

Barton based several of his claims on the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling that legalized gay marriage:

The Supreme Court said gender cannot be used as the basis of why you do things, you can no longer use gender,  so what you use is sexual identity. Alright, at this point, there are 82 distinct sexual identities, it's not about homosexual, lesbian, it's 82 identities. And so what you get into is you can't draw the line.

Where do you draw the line? And by the way you define your own identity.  So whatever I define myself this morning, I now have legal standing for that. So what you've seen is, we used to have bathrooms based on gender identity, on gender, but you can't identify gender so now you have to do no genders.

So we've already seen, for example, in Utah that a number of guys have signed up and moved into the girl's dorms and you can't stop that because you can't base it on gender any more. Well, guess what that's going to mean for sports teams, guess what that's going to mean for bathrooms all across the country, guess what that's going to mean for all sorts of stuff.

And then, Congress has passed what’s called ENDA, Employment Non-Discrimination Act passed this in '06 under Pelosi and Reid and at that point in time, it says you cannot discriminate on the basis of hiring.

As a result, the president has now announced that faith based groups have to hire homosexuals, not an option, you have to because federal law says you cannot discriminate on the basis of identity. So if a pedophile comes to the church and says, "I want to run your nursery," you can’t say "no" because that’s discriminating on the basis of identity.

If a homosexual comes and says, "I want to be your youth director" and you say, "No, you can’t do that," you can’t do that, you can't distinguish on the basis of gender.

Throckmorton notes that the Employment Non-Discrimination Act has never actually been passed and signed into law as Barton claimed.

President Obama never announced that faith based groups have to hire homosexuals, but he did sign an executive order in 2014 that gave employment protection to LGBT workers in the federal government and also in companies that contract with the federal government, reported the Associated Press.

There is no ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court or law that requires churches to hire pedophiles, or forces gender-specific bathrooms and locker rooms to be eliminated. The U.S Supreme Court never ruled that gender has been replaced by gender identity or that gender does not exist as a legal status.

Sources: Associated Press via WJLA, Warren Throckmorton / Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot


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