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Christian Groups: Stop 'Persecution' Of HGTV Hosts

Several conservative Christian organizations are running online petitions to support HGTV reality stars Chip and Joanna Gaines, and their pastor, against persecution.

BuzzFeed News reported on Nov. 29 that the couple, who host "Fixer Upper," attend the Antioch Community Church in Waco, Texas.

The story noted that Pastor Jimmy Seibert, who heads the church, preaches that homosexuality is a sin, claims that 90 percent of gay people have been abused and says that he has "seen hundreds of people personally change their direction of same-sex attraction from a homosexual lifestyle to a heterosexual lifestyle."

In response, the American Family Association posted an online line petition that reads:

Believe it or not, the liberal media and militant homosexuals are now attacking HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines simply because they attend a church that preaches the Gospel... That ruffled the feathers of Cosmopolitan magazine, Buzzfeed News and US Weekly.

Adding to the Christian "witch hunt," the LGBT community is up in arms because the Gaines' church also preaches that homosexuality is a sin. In an act of sheer intolerance, the gay community is now urging the HGTV network to drop the Gaines and their mega-hit show, Fixer Upper...

Sign the petition to HGTV, thanking them for not caving in to the unreasonable demands of a handful of loud and hateful people.

The Family Research Council, which strongly supports thrice-married President-elect Donald Trump, started a petition to stand for the "biblical view of marriage" and the Gaines' pastor:

HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper have been publicly targeted by media outlets merely for attending a church whose pastor, Jimmy Seibert, has preached on the biblical view of marriage and sexuality. When pastors bravely preach biblical truth that contradicts the “truths” of the politically correct culture, people listen. I stand with Pastor Seibert in his conviction about the biblical view of marriage and commend him for his courage in speaking the truth, even when it’s controversial.

A petition on states:

Joanna and Chip have never publicly shared what their beliefs on homosexuality and marriage are. Nevertheless, the gay lobby is conducting what the Benham Brothers have called a merciless "witch hunt" against them based on hypothetical questions about whether they would serve a same-sex couple on their show. They want Chip and Joanna to either publicly deny their faith in Jesus Christ and his teachings, or be taken off the air.

A petition at says:

The far-left clickbait site, Buzzfeed, is trying to make an example of Chip and Joanna Gaines, the stars of the HGTV home renovation show Fixer Upper, because their church’s pastor takes a Biblical view on gay "marriage."

Other news sites are now piling on in a LGBT witchhunt. They want nothing less than to prohibit from the public square Christianity itself.

Tell HGTV not to cave to the insanity of Buzzfeed's, "Are you now or have you ever been a Christian" line of McCarthyite questioning.

Meanwhile, Chip tweeted this plea to his Christian followers on Dec. 3 to lay off Aurthur and Gina Mei, who wrote a similar article for

Regardless of our decision to make a statement about all this craziness, or not, I ask that people please! respect @KateAurthur & @ginamei

Sources: BuzzFeed News, American Family Association, Family Research Council,,, Chip Gaines/Twitter / Photo Credit: HGTV

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