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Anti-Transgender Campaign Launched By Christians (Video)

Family Policy Alliance, the political arm of the Christian-based Focus on the Family, launched a campaign against transgender rights on Aug. 2 (video below).

The Alliance's announced its "Ask Me First" campaign on its website without mentioning the word "transgender."

 "The push to allow men access to women’s showers, locker rooms and restrooms has provoked an outcry from those most affected -- women and children using those facilities...," the website states. "The goal [of Ask Me First] is to allow a forum for women and children to tell their stories and to encourage lawmakers and elected officials to ask first before they infringe on basic rights."

The site features a video of a woman named Kate, who recalled how she went into the women's locker room at a pool and found a man inside wearing a swimming suit. She didn't say where the incident happened, but said it was in July.

Kate said she reported the man to the staff at the pool, but they told her this person had probably self-identified as a female and had a right to be there.

Kate did not describe any physical assault or crime committed by the transgender person, but added: "There is absolutely no screening. There are no safeguards in place whatsoever. There's no reassurance that somebody can't come in with harmful intentions."

There's no media report of an incident such as this in July 2015 (the Ask Me First video was posted in May 2016), but there was a similar instance in February 2015 when a man, who self-identified as a woman, was found inside the women's locker room at a public pool in Seattle.

In a second video, a young woman named Tanner Ealum recalled how she found herself running against a transgender opponent, who was born a male, in a state track competition.

Ealum, who attended Anchorage Christian high school, easily defeated her transgender opponent, Nattaphon "Ice" Wangyot, and everyone else on the track, but insisted that was not the issue.

"I was never asked if it was OK for that period," Ealum recalled.

Ealum was asked by the Alaska Dispatch News about Wangyot before the race in May, and said, "I want to focus on my events."

The inclusion of Wangyot in the race was opposed by Jim Minnery, head of the Christian conservative group Alaska Family Action, who said at a press conference at the time:

We are here today as a voice from the community to ensure that female athletes are not denied the playing opportunities and scholarships otherwise available to them and to make the playing field even again.

… Allowing students to play on teams of the opposite sex disproportionately impacts female students, who will lose spots on a track, soccer and volleyball teams to male students who identify as female.

Sources: Family Policy AllianceAlaska Dispatch News, Ask Me First / Photo Credit: Family Policy Alliance/YouTube

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