Christian Group Upset that Transgender, Gay People are Signing Up for Obamacare


The Christian activist Family Research Council (FRC) is not happy that LGBT people are being encouraged to sign up for Obamacare, even though they are Americans citizens and legally entitled to under law.

The LGBT community is being encouraged to sign up for coverage via a campaign called "Out2Enroll."

The Out2Enroll website states that one if its outreaches is "Wednesday Night Tea," a drag queen show held every Wednesday in Shreveport, La.

According to, FRC president Tony Perkins sent out an email today entitled "ObamaCare Drag Show Aims to Heel."

Perkins condemned LGBT uninsured Americans for getting coverage in health insurance plans because they are “a high risk pool fed by even higher risk behavior.”

Perkins wrote:

With the help of the Center for American Progress (CAP), a troupe of transvestites called Wednesday Night Tea has started promoting as part of its act. (If the law lacked legitimacy before, wait until a cast of cross-dressing men get through with it!)

According to The Washington Post, the show linked up with ObamaCare through Out2Enroll, the government's new outreach to homosexuals and transgenders. In conjunction with the administration and outside groups, the Shreveport performers aim to register 300,000 people in the federal exchange.

...By funneling more money to the LGBT community, the administration is only making the system more unsustainable. To properly funding the system, healthy applicants -- not a high risk pool fed by even higher risk behavior. As taxpayers are about to find out, the system wasn't designed to withstand the volume of elderly, sick, and at-risk patients most likely to enroll. Either the exchanges will buckle under the weight or the government (i.e. taxpayers) will start shouldering even higher costs to compensate for the medical demand.

However, the Obama administration is not actually "funneling more money to the LGBT community" as Perkins claims, notes The groups are "pitching in."

The Washington Post recently reported, "Meanwhile, several outside groups are pitching in for the LGBT outreach, including Out2Enroll, a collaboration among the Sellers Dorsey Foundation, the Center for American Progress (CAP) and the Federal Agencies Project."

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