Christian Group In Texas Shows What Hatred Looks Like

Sometimes racism can be so ugly and sad to see that you are just speechless. This is almost one of those times.

In Austin, Texas, last week, the Texas chapter of the Council on American-Islam Relations (CAIR) held a celebration and rally on the state capitol grounds during what was billed as Texas Muslim Capitol Day. The group on hand was largely made up of Muslim students and children, there peacefully celebrating and learning about the political process in the state.

Basic stuff right?

Well, that was too much for one group of Christian protesters who felt the Islamic group had no right to be there and was somehow trampling on their American and Christian rights. The anti-Muslim group calls itself the Patriotic Defense Foundation and claimed they were on hand because CAIR was really there to create a climate in which it could “take over America.”

The group disrupted CAIR’s peaceful rally, which included the kids singing American patriotic songs with such shouts as “No Sharia” and “Go home” while carrying signs that read “Radical Islam is The New Nazi,” “Go Home & Take Obama With You,” and this lovely one, “I serve a risen savior, Jesus Christ. Muhammad is dead.”

One woman went so far as to grab a microphone away from a Muslim speaker and shout, “I proclaim the name of the Lord Jesus Christ over the capitol of Texas. I stand against Islam and the false prophet.” Protesters then loudly recited the Lord’s Prayer over the Muslim students there trying to carry on their celebration and do their best to ignore these very unkind protestors.

The Patriotic Defense Foundation posted on their Facebook page their intent to rally against these American Muslims who dared to celebrate their freedom of religion openly. One member wrote this on the page prior to the event:

“We hope to speak to event organizers, attendees, media, locals etc and find out what they are doing and why they continue to infiltrate our country instead of assimilating. We hope to join many there to stand shoulder to shoulder in support of America against islam.”

“Infiltrate our country instead of assimilating.” And by that she clearly means give up their religion and become Christian.

I always find it interesting that people and groups like this behave the way they do and think they are sending a positive message about their own religion. The irony in this situation is that the Muslims there for their celebration were doing a much better job of representing what is right about our values and what we all believe religion should do for people than those ugly protesters who were making it very clear what they had in their hearts was nothing more than hate and ignorance.

Here is the video of the rally and the protestors so you can see for yourself what hatred looks like.


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