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Christian Activist: Show Unborn Baby To Clinton (Video)

Mark Harrington, who heads the Christian-based, anti-abortion Created Equal PAC, announced on Aug. 15 "The Hillary Project," which is going to entail presenting Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton "with an unborn baby" (video below).

In a video to promote "The Hillary Project" on the Created Equal PAC YouTube channel, Harrington said this project was not a Created Equal PAC endeavor because the organization does not oppose or support candidates.

Harrington said that as a "private citizen" he and the people under his direction would "personally present presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with an unborn baby before Nov. 8."

Harrington then invoked Jesus Christ, who never mentioned abortion, to promote the cause: "So, I feel it's incumbent on those who claim the name of Christ to be a prophetic witness, to call her out for her support of child-killing."

Harrington also asked for prayers that God would give him and his followers the opportunity to present an unborn baby to Clinton.

Harrington seemed to contradict himself with his own press release on Aug. 15 regarding the participation of the Created Equal PAC.

The news release, entitled "Created Equal PAC Announces Hillary Project," states that "Created Equal PAC, a project anti-abortion activist Mark Harington, is launching an effort to present Hillary Clinton with the victims of abortion ... Created Equal PAC is recruiting activists in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Florida to help organize Hillary Project events."

According to the Created Equal website, the organization sees itself as similar to the Freedom Riders of the Civil Rights movement (who did not protest against abortion):

Needing a model to give direction to the vision, Mark turned to stories from the Freedom Rides of the 1960s. Reading and watching testimonies of men and women -- black and white -- boarding buses together to expose racism, he sketched out a plan for our first Justice Ride ...

Like the Freedom Riders, we’re focusing the attention of America on injustice -- this time, it’s the ageism of abortion, by which young humans are killed daily for reasons we would not permit the killing of older (born) humans.

Sources: Created Equal PAC/Christian Newswire, Created Equal PAC/YouTubeCreated Equal / Photo Credit: Created Equal PAC/YouTube

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