Christian Group Pushes Anti-Transgender Film (Video)


The Christian-based Illinois Family Institute promoted an anti-transgender film, "Women: Decide For Yourselves," on its website on March 13 (video below).

The Illinois Family Institute stated on its site: "There are multiple reasons to oppose policies and laws that permit people to use opposite-sex restrooms, dressing rooms, and locker rooms, including the risk posed to young girls and women ... Please watch this compelling and frightening video that illuminates the risk posed to girls and women when men intrude into women’s private, safe spaces."

It's not clear who produced the "compelling and frightening video," which was posted on March 12 on YouTube by a generic-sounding user, "Jane Williams." There is no information about Williams, and this is the only upload by this user.

The video pushes the notion that transgender people are a danger to women in bathrooms because transgender folks are sexual predators, criminals and voyeuristic perverts.

The video mentions transgender convicted murderers Michelle Norsworthy and Michelle Kosilek, who are lumped in with non-criminal high schooler Lila Perry, a transgender girl (born a boy), in Missouri.

"The federal government is now threatening schools with loss of funding if they don’t give in to the demands of teenage boys to access naked girls,” the video warns.

Perry has never demanded to "access naked girls," but has demanded access to female facilities because he self-identifies his gender as female.

According to ThinkProgress, much of the video appears to target Washington State and was shared on Facebook by Just Want Privacy, a group that wants to repeal a law protecting transgender people in the state.

“The reality is that the law that we have here in Washington state — the state nondiscrimination law — it does nothing to legitimize illegal conduct or behavior,” Danni Askini, executive director of the Gender Justice League, told ThinkProgress. “So if people enter a bathroom and commit illegal conduct, they absolutely will be arrested and prosecuted, as were the people in that video. The reason why we know about these examples is because they were arrested and prosecuted.”

“It’s like saying that men should not be allowed to use the same facilities as young boys given that a vast majority of perpetrators of sexual violence are men,” Askini added. “It’s sort of a reverse logic argument to say that — because there are unfortunately transgender people who also commit crimes — that all transgender should be barred from participating in public life. We don’t bar men from participating in all public life even though they are the vast majority of people who commit sexual assault and sexual violence.”

Sources: Illinois Family InstituteThinkProgress, Facebook / Photo credit: Creator RU/Wikimedia

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