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Christian Group Obstructs Atheist Sign with 'A is for Angels' Banner (Video)

A Christian activist group placed a banner that reads “A is for Angels” in front an atheist display that states “A is for Atheists” in Chicago’s Daley Plaza.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation created the “A is for Atheists” sign that states: “We celebrate the birth of the Unconquered Sun – the TRUE reason for the season. As Americans, let us also honor the birth of our Bill of Rights, which reminds us there can be no freedom OF religion, without having freedom FROM religion in government.”

According to, an unidentified female Christian activist stated, “You shouldn’t be protesting the ‘A.’ Protesting the ‘A’ means you are surrendering our freedom of speech. Everybody should have their opportunity to speak here."

“I think you need to go back, go back and read the Constitution," she added. "This is the United States and you cannot abridge freedom of speech.”

William Kelly, chairman of the Remember America Foundation, called the atheist display "hate speech" and said it might upset to families with children who expected a Christmas tree or Nativity scene, reports

“I think if you actually read the text of the atheist display it’s actually more hate speech,” stated Kelly. “It’s really not adding anything to the Christmas spirit, it’s really not even telling anybody who they really are or what they believe or what they want for society. They’re just saying they don’t like Christianity.”

“The message that I’m bringing here today is that, as Christians, and especially at Christmas time, we’re here to spread a message of love,” Kelly said of the Christian banner that obstructed the atheist sign.

Kelly then went on to lecture atheists, whom he is censoring, on tolerance.

“What we’re hoping that it’s possible that if we as Christians show our love and support for our atheist brothers and sisters that maybe, maybe they might be more tolerant toward Christian values, not only you know, at Christmas time, but the entire year, as well,” claimed Kelly.

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