Christian Group Hopes US 'Will Learn Some Lessons From Russia' (Audio)

The World Congress of Families (WCF) held a news conference in Washington D.C. yesterday to announce their 2014 summit in Moscow this September.

Several Religious Right groups in the US plan to attend the WCF because they admire and support Russia's anti-gay laws, which do not allow any public speech about gay rights or issues.

One of the strong supporters of Russia at the press conference was Janice Shaw Crouse, of the Christian-based group Concerned Women for America, notes RightWingWatch.org (audio below).

Crouse said the WCF was "far more important than the Olympics."

"The fact that the people who are our allies in Russia have been so successful in having an impact on the culture there, so successful in having an impact on the government officials, in bringing their concerns to the floor is, I think, very significant and is important for us," added Crouse. "And I hope the United States will learn some lessons from Russia."

However, Crouse did not mention the persecution of Christians in Russia, reported by Worthy News, or the massive corruption in the Russian government, which was described as a "mafia state" by the US government, noted by The Guardian.

Meanwhile, in Russia, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak warned audience members and athletes today against speaking out for gay rights during the Olympics, noted AFP.

Kozak said this type of free speech was banned by the Olympic Charter and Russian law, but also claimed there was no sexual discrimination in Russia.

As President Putin did a few weeks ago, Kozak hinted that homosexuals were like child molesters.

"They [gays] can make propaganda about their sexual orientation among adults, but there is no need to involve children. I have already said this many times," said Kozak.

Sources: AFP, RightWingWatch.org, Worthy News, The Guardian


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