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Christian Group, Feminist Group Oppose Transgender Rule (Video)

The Family Policy Alliance, the political arm of the Christian-based Focus on the Family, and the Women’s Liberation Front are joining forces against guidelines issued by the Obama administration that protect transgender students from discrimination (video below).

Autumn Leva, policy director for the Family Policy Alliance, said in a Jan. 10 video that the groups want to stop males from using female facilities at schools.

Neither Leva nor Family Policy Alliance host Kim Roby referred to these students as "transgender," but instead tried to portray them as predatory male adults potentially compromising the safety of females.

Leva said that the Family Policy Alliance and the Women’s Liberation Front have filed a brief in a case that is going to be heard at the U.S. Supreme Court:

The first point is privacy and safety matter, especially in our public schools. Secondly, Title IX was enacted to allow women equal access to educational opportunities. So if Title IX is rewritten to allow any boy who claims he is a girl access to those benefits, it thwarts the very purpose of Title IX.

And, finally, if we redefine Title IX to mean gender identity and allow any man who claims he is a woman access to those educational opportunities, then we're erasing women from the law in every aspect of the law and that's a major, major problem.

Troby and Leva didn't go into details of the case which is actually the reverse of what they described: Gavin Grimm was born a female, but self-identifies his gender identity as a male.

The ACLU, which is defending Grimm, described the case on its website in October 2016:

As part of Gavin’s medical treatment for severe gender dysphoria, Gavin and his mother notified administrators of his male gender identity at the beginning of his sophomore year so that he could socially transition in all aspects of his life.

With permission from school administrators, Gavin used the boys’ restroom for almost two months without any incident. But after receiving complaints from some parents and residents of Gloucester County, the school board adopted the new policy on December 9, 2014, by a vote of 6-1, despite warnings from the ACLU.

Sources: Family Policy Alliance, ACLU / Photo Credit: Family Policy Alliance/YouTube

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