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Christian Group 'Faith 2 Action' Compares Homosexuality to Adultery (Video)

The Christian organization Faith 2 Action has produced a new video (below), which compares homosexuality to adultery.

In the video, a man tells his wife: "I have these urges and if I don't act on them, I'm not really being true to myself. You love me right? If you love me, you'll support what I do, who I am. I'm an adulterer. Wow, that felt so good to say it out loud," reports

When his wife doesn't share his excitement, the man says: "I'm feeling a bit judged here."

"So you're saying if I love you, I have to love adultery?" his beleaguered wife asks.

"It's more than just tolerance, I want to be celebrated," the man later proclaims.

There are also mentions of taking children to an "Adultery Pride Parade" with pro-adultery signs.

However, the video does not state that adultery is a breaking of the marriage vow and deception, while homosexuality is neither.

The video ends with Peter LaBarbera of 'Americans For Truth About Homosexuality' comparing homosexuality to being an alcoholic.

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