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Christian Group Defends Police Departments Criticized For Placement Of "In God We Trust" On Patrol Vehicles

A Christian legal group is defending 17 police departments that were targeted by the Freedom From Religion Foundation for displaying "In God We Trust" on official police vehicles.

This summer, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, an organization that supports the separation of church and state, sent letters of complaint to 17 law enforcement agencies asking them to remove decals that read "In God We Trust" from their patrol vehicles.

Police departments from all over the country, including Bay County, Florida, and Halifax County, North Carolina, were targeted by the FFRF.

Another organization called The Alliance Defending Freedom has now reached out to the same departments to encourage them to leave the decals on the vehicles and to offer legal assistance.

"Americans should not be forced to abandon their heritage simply to appease the animosity of anti-religious groups toward anything that references God," said Matt Sharp, legal counsel with the ADF.

Sheriff Frank McKeithen of Bay County, Florida, added the decals to his agency's cars in July.

"It makes me want to at least show people that we have morals and values, and I certainly believe that the motto 'In God We Trust' is a perfect example of that," McKeithen said.

"In God We Trust" has been the national motto of the United States since 1956. The use of the motto on United States currency has been unsuccessfully challenged several times.

Sources: Washington Times, News 2 / Photo Credit: Washington Times


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