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Christian Group Calls For 'Buycott' Of Christian-Friendly Businesses (Video)

A group called Faith Driven Consumer (video below) has started a new pre-Christmas campaign dubbed #AddUsIn that urges Christians to buy from faith-friendly stores in a "buycott."

Faith Driven Consumer told the Washington Examiner that it wants businesses to include Christians in their "rainbow of diversity."

Faith Driven Consumer released its "Faith Equality Index" this week, which favorably ranked businesses such as: Chick-fil-A, Hobby Lobby, Interstate Batteries, Tyson Foods, Cracker Barrel, Walmart, and Thrivent Financial.

Walmart has a long history of violating workers' rights, noted, while Tyson Foods employees were recently accused of cruelty to animals, reported USA TODAY.

Hobby Lobby imports products from China, a country that denies religious freedom and persecutes Christians, noted US News in 2014.

Cracker Barrel settled a proposed class action lawsuit in March with associate managers who claimed they had not been paid overtime, according to Law 360.

Sources: Washington Examiner,, USA TODAY, US News, Law 360 / Image Credit: Faith Driven Consumer Screenshot


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