Christian Group Calls on Americans to Make More Non-Muslim Babies (Audio)


Jerry Boykin, vice president of the Christian-based Family Research Council, recently warned that "red-blooded patriotic" Americans need to start making more babies to keep ahead of the American Muslim population.

According to, Boykin made the racially-tinged statement during a conference call with Bishop E.W. Jackson and other Christian conservatives (audio below).

Boykin claimed that Europe is “hopelessly lost” because of the population increase of Muslims.

“Americans need to have more babies and populate this country with red-blooded patriotic Americans,” stated Boykin.

Boykin also revived the myth of President Obama's so-called "apology tour," which was debunked by The Washington Post and CNN (audio below).

Boykin failed to mention that President George W. Bush actually did apologize to Muslims while in office, noted

“And I think that all goes back to [Obama's] roots, to the fact that he was raised in an Islamic environment,” claimed Boykin. “I think he went to a madrassa for, it’s undetermined, but at least five years of his life. I think that’s his comfort zone. And I think he was in Jeremiah Wright’s church as a matter of convenience, but his identity is more with Islam than with anything else and as such I think he has proven to be a reliable ally of the Islamists.”

Boykin didn't mention that President Obama has bombed seven Islamic countries in six years, and is currently bombing ISIS in Syria and Iraq, noted

Boykin's "madrassa" claim was debunked way back in 2007 by the Chicago Tribune, which reported that Obama actually went to a Roman Catholic School during the three years that he lived in Indonesia with his father.

"Yes, he prayed, because all the students here had to pray in the Catholic way, 'In the name of the Father, [Son] and the Holy Spirit,'" Obama's 1st-grade teacher Israella Pareira Darmawan told the Chicago Tribune.

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