Christian Group Attends Gay Pride Festival, Tries to Convert People (Video)


Trinity Works, a Christian evangelical group, set up a corn feed stand at the Twin Cities Pride festival last month in Minnesota.

The group attended the pro-gay event to convert attendees in what it called "Humility 2014."

The Friendly Atheist reports, "Trinity Works is an evangelical group that claims it can heal HIV/AIDS through Jesus."

Trinity Works members, who were from churches from all over the Midwest, wore T-shirts that read, "What's Your Story?"

In a video (below) posted on, journalist Andy Birkey asked Trinity Works members what they were doing at the event.

One man responded, "We're giving away free corn and ice water, and we're asking people to tell their story... Why they're here, how they came, their whole life story."

The man is asked if Trinity Works is involved, but states, "I'm not going to say. We're with a bunch of churches."

Birkey asked another man what organization they were with and the man replied, "We're with Jesus. We're all different kind of churches coming together, trying to show the love."

One protester stood near the corn feed stand and held a sign that read, "Don't Take the Corn." He stated, "I've been hurt by these people."

Trinity Works posted several pictures of people who had allegedly converted on Facebook.

Member Josh Gillespie wrote up a tally on his Facebook page:

426 people participated from 50 churches during this last weekend for the Humility Outreach.
2476 people were talked to.
1124 people heard someone's testimony or the gospel.
935 were prayed for.
80 people surrendered or recommitted their lives to Jesus!!!!
40 healings!!
14 baptized in the Holy Spirit!

The pro-gay group OutFront Minnesota sent its members to act as a buffer to warn attendees about Trinity Works, noted

“This weekend at Twin Cities Pride, OutFront Minnesota’s Anti-Violence Program staff worked with more than 75 trained volunteer advocates and supportive clergy to help ensure that everyone had a safe and fun Pride,” OutFront Minnesota said in a statement, reported “Thanks to our planning with Twin Cities Pride, we were able to greatly limit the number of people the evangelical group Trinity Works tried to ‘convert.’ If the support team had not been at Pride this weekend, the number of attendees who could have been traumatized would have been substantial due to Trinity Works’ deceptive tactics.”

Sources:, Facebook, Friendly Atheist


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