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Christian 'Generations Radio' Show Attacks Royal Baby (Audio)

Pastors Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner of Generations Radio have slammed many targets, from the state of Colorado to a Star Trek movie.

Yesterday, they set their sights on the royal baby, Prince George Alexander Louis, who is only days old, noted (audio below).

The pastors' website states: "We believe God has raised up this ministry for such a time as this,” but on Thursday they sounded more like frustrated frat boys looking for an easy target.

"The most common name for babies born in England in 2013 is Mohammed," said Swanson (pictured).

"I thought they might go with Prince Mohammed," added Buehner. They have a very large Islamic growing population and it would reach out to the Muslims and say, 'you're part of England now. We've got a prince named after you, Mohammed.'"

Swanson added, "Mohammed Elton John."

"Talking about the other queen," Buehner chimed in. "It is strange that they would name their baby 'George,' presumably after George Washington an American, who fought a war against England."

Swanson then said, "George is named after George the Third."

"George Bush?" asked Buehner.

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