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Christian Filmmaker, '2016: Obama's America' Producer Dinesh D'Souza Leaves Wife for Denise Odie Joseph

Dinesh D’Souza, the conservative Christian producer of the controversial documentary '2016: Obama's America' and President of King's College, is reportedly seeing another woman who is not his wife.

WORLD Magazine reports that D'Souza, who is separated from his wife, shared a hotel room with Denise Odie Joseph at a Christian authors conference in South Carolina. D'Souza reportedly told attendees that they were engaged.

D’Souza has often been defender of traditional marriage against gays and lesbians, reports

His new girlfriend Odie Joseph once attacked feminists and liberals for rejecting traditional marriage on

In the 1960s and 1970s, feminists and liberals of other stripes started pointing out the hypocrisies of what they termed “patriarchy.” Time and again, they urged us to recognize human’s natural “animal instincts” in relation to traditional morality and therefore, to reject traditional institutions such as marriage as outdated because now these intellectual elites had things like biology and sociology, things like women’s studies, gender studies, and critical race theory, to back them up.


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