Christian Family Research Council Slams Christian Hunger Charity Over Gays


Earlier this week, the Christian charity World Vision announced that it would hire gay people in same-sex marriages, but did not support or endorse homosexuality.

However, World Vision was pounded by Christian conservatives who claim the world hunger charity is endorsing gay people and gay marriage.

The Christian-based Family Research Council (FRC) slammed World Vision on Tuesday, just a few days after supporting the charity's "30 Hour Famine" campaign to raise money to feed hungry people around the world, noted

FRC head Tony Perkins wrote on the organization's website:

...We cannot and will not support an organization that exalts the approval of the world over the authority of the Word. In the end when Christians desire the praise of man over the glory of God: they earn neither. The church should continue to support Christian aid and humanitarianism, but only through organizations that remain true to the word of God.

Christian author/blogger Rachel Held Evans wrote about the World Vision controversy today:

No official numbers have been released yet, but my contacts at World Vision report that thousands of children lost their sponsorships yesterday as evangelicals withdrew funds in protest to World Vision’s policy of employing people in same-sex marriages.  

...Deliberately cutting off funding to your sponsored child affects that child and her community. If you didn’t think that money was actually making a difference, then why were you sponsoring to begin with?

UPDATE: World Vision caved to the conservative outcry and reversed its policy back against gay people, notes Christianity Today.

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