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Christian Family, Once Lost At Sea, Plans to Leave U.S. Again by Boat (Audio)

The Gastonguay family was lost at sea for 91 days this summer during their failed attempt to sail from San Diego to the tiny island nation of Kiribati, which is 1300 miles south of Hawaii.

The Christian family, including their small children, were rescued by a Venezuelan fishing boat on Aug 11.

At the time, the Gastonguays said they fled the U.S. because of “abortion, homosexuality [and] the state-controlled church.”

According to, Sean Gastonguay told the "TruNews with Rick Wiles" radio show yesterday (audio below) that he and his family are going to try the trip again on a "bigger boat with a year's worth of supplies, so it doesn't matter what happens."

The Christian dad also complained about all the "hoops you gotta jump through just to start a church, food bank or to help your neighbor," but didn't state exactly what those "hoops" were.

Gastonguay also said he believes the U.S. government should be set up according to "Old Testament law" (which would require the stoning of gays and disobedient children).

"There's just no way I can morally pay an income tax.You can't get work without paying the income tax. I wanna go some place where I'm free to work," lamented Gastonguay.



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