Christian Family Claims Disney Channel Website Banned 'God'


A Christian family in Angier, North Carolina, recently claimed that Disney intentionally blocked the word "God" from its Disney Channel website.

Julie Anderson told Fox News reporter Todd Starnes that her 10-year-old daughter, Lily, noticed that the website was asking readers to type in what they were thankful for.

On Sunday, Lily typed in, “God, my family, my church and my friends."

To her great shock, the website didn't post her entry, but rather replied, “Please be nice!”

"[Lily] came and got me to let me know that something wasn't right," Julie told Fox & Friends host Elizabeth Hasselbeck today, noted "We started looking at it together and kind of playing with it and changing words around to see what it was that it didn't like. We found out that when we removed the word God from the post, the website would allow it."

"We've always told her that inevitably there would come day when she would be discriminated against for her faith, but we never thought Disney would be the source," Julie told Starnes.

“I want my daughter, and all children of faith, to know that it is OK to share God and Jesus with their peers,” added Julie. “I want her to know that she doesn’t have to be silent about her faith. I want her to be strong and soldier on.”

Starnes sided with the Christian mom: "Well said, ma’am. Well said. It sounds to me like the folks over at the Disney Channel have gone looney tunes."

However, it turns out the website wasn't actually shaming or discriminating against Lily.

Disney told Fox News:

Disney employs word filtering technology to prevent profanity from appearing on our websites. Unfortunately, because so many people attempt to abuse the system and use the word “God” in conjunction with profanity, in an abundance of caution our system is forced to catch and prevent any use of the word on our websites. The company would have been happy to explain our filtering technology to the inquiring family had they contacted us.

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