Christian Family, 13, Lives on Bus Year Round, Sings at Churches (Video)


The 13-member Allen family lives on a 360-square-foot bus and travels the U.S. and Canada singing Christian songs at churches.

The family appeared on a one-hour TLC special entitled “Home Sweet Bus” last night (video below).

According to The Wrap, Todd and Michelle Allen live on the bus with eight children (five sons, three daughters) one daughter-in-law and two grandchildren (toddlers).

“Literally, I was born on the road,” said Danielle, one of the Allen daughters. “I don't have anything to compare it to. Like, I've never lived in a house. It's so normal for me. It's just like it would be for you to live in a house.”

The bus includes a living room, master bedroom, kitchen, one bathroom and bunk beds for the kids. One of the Allen children is married. He and his wife sleep with their two children on a couch that folds out as a bed.

The Allens could get their own reality TV series if ratings are strong for the special, which will likely be replayed repeatedly.

The Guardian notes that Todd is a former pastor who left he church and decided to evangelize through singing.

Like the Duggar children from the TLC series "19 Kids and Counting," the Allen kids help with chores, which includes setting up audio equipment at each performance.

Also, like the Duggar family, the Allens highly prize their daughters' virginity. The girls have all taken a purity pledge that involves half-pieces of jewelry. Todd keeps half of each necklace until the girls are married, then he will give them and the jewelry to their husbands.

Sources: The Guardian, The Wrap


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