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Christian Evangelist Ray Comfort Mocks Hindus After Statue Collapses On Them (Video)

Christian evangelist Ray Comfort recently mocked Hindus after a video (below) surfaced of a statue of Ganesh, an elephant-headed god, falling on worshippers in Hyderabad, India, in September.

Comfort wrote on his Facebook page on Oct. 25: "The Bible says that those who worship dumb idols, are just like them. How India needs the gospel! But we don't have to go there to take it to them. We have the Internet."

Comfort also provided a link to his website, which provides religious documents and videos 100 in different languages that urge people to convert to Christianity.

Comfort linked to a Daily Mail article about the incident. The U.K. news site could not confirm injuries or deaths resulting from the statue's collapse.

Sources:, Ray Comfort/Facebook, Daily Mail / Photo credit: YouTube screenshot


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