Christian Evangelist Handcuffed While Preaching At University Of South Florida (Video)


An unidentified evangelist was recently handcuffed while trying to convert people to Christianity on the University of South Florida campus in Tampa, Florida (video below).

In a video posted on Jan. 5 by TeamJesusPreachers on YouTube, a police officer walks up to the preacher, handcuffs him and says, "Sorry to inform you, but you are being detained for an offense involving the uhh..."

The preacher complains that his arm is twisted and that the handcuffs are digging into his wrists, but the officer tells the evangelist that if he doesn't shut up he going to end up on the concrete. The officer walks the man through the campus and to a police car, where more officers arrive.

The police officer threatens to arrest the preacher's friends who are filming the incident on public property, but declines to say what the charge will be. The officer tells other police to arrest the photographers.

The evangelist is eventually released after explaining how he was using a sound amplifier, not a bullhorn, to preach on campus, notes

The officer tells the preacher that his friends who filmed the incident are making it "worse." The officer then instructs the evangelist to tell his friends how "politely" the police treated him, which the preacher is not required to do by law.

The evangelist wrote on the TeamJesusPreachers YouTube page: "The USF campus policy allows for use of sound amplification as long as it does not disrupt classes. I have used my Aker sound amplifier other times on the USF campus in the past without incident. When they detained me, I heard the one officer ask if he had received a complaint from my preaching and he said that he did not, but that it sounded loud to him.”

“The other brothers their preaching with me received a complaint earlier in the day when they were using their bullhorn, which they put away upon the campus police'ss concerns. I was not present when this occurred. I received no warning before this happened."

The University of South Florida has not issued any statements yet.

Sources:, TeamJesusPreachers/YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot TeamJesusPreachers/YouTube

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