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Christian Entertainers Push Back Pro-Trump Christians

Some Christian entertainers have pushed back against conservative Christians who supported President-elect Donald Trump.

Fox News exit polls showed on Nov. 10 that the thrice-married Trump received 65 percent of the vote from white evangelical voters.

Yolanda Adams, a well-known African-American gospel music singer, wrote this message on her Instagram page on Nov. 10:

WOW!! The #Election is OVER!! I'm convinced now more than ever that #GOD is MY SOURCE!! If it showed us anything, it's that "We have YET to overcome." So let's watch and see if a #Republican controlled #government is the answer that all our Evangelicals told us it would be. YES WE ARE WATCHING YALL!!

Mandy Hale, a bestselling Christian author, let her feelings be known in a series of tweets, notes The Christian Post:

  • "Wonder how long will it take for 'Christians' to realize just how gravely Trump duped them."
  • "Honestly I don't even feel stoked about identifying as 'Christian' anymore. I'll just call myself a follower of Jesus."
  • "This shatters parts of my faith in humanity, in my own faith, and in this country that I don't think I'll ever get back."

After Hale got some blowback from her fellow Christians, she tweeted:

  • "Ppl telling me how to feel today: Stop. Ppl telling me that I just need to focus on God: Stop. I'm allowed to grieve. I'm allowed to mourn."
  • "I know God is in control. But so did Jesus when He wept for Lazarus. This is the perfect expression of what I've been feeling today but have been unable to put into words."

Kirk Franklin, an African-American gospel singer, tweeted in October after a 2005 tape of Trump saying that he grabbed women's vaginas without consent surfaced: "The reason why I'm praying for [Vice President-elect] Mike Pence, is because he's connected to this fool Donald Trump. That's a disaster in itself."

Franklin also got pushback from Christians who wanted to know if he supported Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and he replied:

  • "I never said I'm voting for Hillary [or] anyone. But when a man disrespects women and we say nothing, is that Christ-like? I'm not discussing his confession, but his fruit. Scripture says that's how people know who we are."
  • "I'm speaking of the disrespect he showed to you, my daughters, and my wife today. That's all, but my brother Jesus spoke out against injustice didn't he. Please show me where I'm not in line with scripture?!?"

Sources: Yolanda Adams/Instagram, The Christian PostFox News / Photo credit: Mandy Hale/Twitter

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