Christian Cruise to Feature Phil Robertson of 'Duck Dynasty'


Premier Christian Cruises has chartered a July 17-21, 2014 voyage featuring "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson.

The "Duck Commander Cruise" will also feature other members of the Robertson family, including Willie, Jase and Uncle Si.

The 67-year-old patriarch caused a whirlwind of controversy for slamming gays in a recent GQ magazine interview. Robertson compared homosexuals to drunks and terrorists, and also claimed that black people were "singing" and "happy" during the days of racist Jim Crow laws.

Robertson's comments caused him to be suspended from the A&E reality TV show "indefinitely," but there has also been support in his corner. According to The Daily Home, Alabama State Sen. Jerry Fielding (R) said he will introduce a resolution honoring "Duck Dynasty" Robertson for his "Christian stance."

Premier Christian Cruises claims that there are "hundreds" of people on the standby list, hoping to meet the anti-gay, historically-challenged Robertson.

"Yes, the cruise is happening, it is sold out with hundreds of people on a waiting list. Yes, Phil Robertson will be on the cruise," Tiffany Brown, the director of marketing at Premier Christian Cruises, told "We're a small company that is doing this cruise and actually we've had absolutely no cancellations since this so, you know, we're just doing the cruise."

"We obviously don't ask people their sexual orientation or race or anything like that when they book a cruise, but I imagine that we'll have all kinds of people," added Brown. "I think Joe Blow American is just keeping their nose down and doing what they need to do."

Premier Christian Cruises chartered a Carnival Cruise ship, but Carnival spokesman Vance Gulliksen said he was not aware of a cruise that includes Robertson.

In more "Duck Dynasty" news, Chris Sevier, a self-proclaimed member of Robertson's church, is suing A&E and President Obama for the right to hate homosexuals.

According to TMZ, Sevier claims that because A&E has indefinitely suspended Robertson that will somehow affect churchgoers when it comes to preaching against gays.

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