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Christian: Constitution Uses Exact Bible Language (Video)

As he has before, controversialChristian historianDavid Barton recently made the false claim that some of the U.S. Constitution uses the "exact language of the Bible" (video below).

Right Wing Watch noted in December 2012 that Barton had made this false claim for the fifth time.

Barton made his inaccurate assertion again during an appearance on the Messianic Jewish (Jews converted to Christianity) program "Jewish Voice," reports Right Wing Watch.

Barton was explaining to viewers how the Bible, which never mentions the United States or elections, was a guide to selecting leaders:

The Founding Fathers found the Bible extremely useful. Political scientists have documented that the single most cited source in the founding era, say 20,000 writings, the single most cited source was the Bible.

That 34 percent of all the political sources quoted the Bible as the source of what they did. I can show you clause after clause in the Constitution where they used the exact language of the Bible in the Constitution. It's just that we're so biblically illiterate today that we don't recognize that in the Constitution.

In response to Barton, Christian psychologist and blogger Warren Throckmorton wrote a satirical piece about a fictional Rev. Cyrus Jones of the Patriot Baptist Church who said:

Barton has 100,000 pre-1812 documents in his library. Because of that, I figure he knows something about old words. For sure, the Bible has old words and so does the Constitution. I decided to see if Barton was right when he said the exact words of the Bible are in the Constitution.

Jones found words such as "The," "and," and, "an" in both the Bible and Constitution, along with "blessings," "liberty," "faith" and "numbers."

Sources: Right Wing Watch (2), Warren Throckmorton / Photo credit: Jewish Voice via YouTube

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