Christian Company Wrecks Wrong Home, No Apology (Video)

The Billy L. Nabors Demolition company torn down the wrong home in Roulette, Texas, on March 22, but is refusing to apologize (video below).

The demolition company tore down a duplex that was not on the same street as the one that was supposed to be taken down, WFAA reports. The correct home was a block away, and had been severely damaged by a tornado that hit the town in December 2015.

George Gomez, the CEO of the demolition company, would not give an on-camera interview, but reportedly told the news station that the mistake is "not a big deal."

"I think this is a huge deal," Rowlett City Manager Brian Funderburk countered.

"The homeowners were in the process of trying to figure out what it was going to take to repair their home and now they're looking at rebuilding it instead," Funderburk added. "I think this is a very big deal."

The sides of the destroyed duplex belong to Lindsay Diaz and Alan Cutter. Diaz filled out a police report about the demolition.

"The company actually did say that this was their first mistake, demo mistake," Diaz said. 

Gomez reportedly told WFAA off camera that his crew thought they had the right address, but that Google Maps had incorrectly pointed them to the wrong address.

"Not much of an explanation at all," Funderburk said.

Diaz is waiting to hear from the demolition company's insurance carrier about filing a claim for her destroyed home.

“How do you make a mistake like this?" Diaz asked in an earlier interview with WFAA. " I mean, this is just the worst."

A representative from the demolition company told the news station that it had no comment, but that there was an investigation into the incident.

“That’s what their job is, to wreck it in demo, and they really wrecked my life,” Diaz added.

According to Diaz, nobody from the demolition company has apologized.

The Billy L Nabors Demolition website has a graphic at the top that says, "Jesus Saves."

The site also states: "At Billy L Nabors Demolition, we work hard to get you the results you deserve. We are happy to walk you through the process, because we know most people do not know much about what demolition companies do. The crew at our office is here to guide you through every step of your demolition service. We are committed to offering you the highest standard of customer care."

Sources: WFAA, NaborsDemo.com / Photo credit: WFAA via YouTube

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