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Christian College President Accused of Exploiting Foreign Students for Labor (Video)

Reginald Miller, president of Cathedral Bible College, has been accused of forcing foreign students to work 32-56 hours a week for little pay.

Miller, who was arrested last Thursday night in Marion, S.C., allegedly threaten to revoke the students' visas if they did not work the long hours or complained, noted (video below).

Eight foreign students told U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agents that they did not have access to hot water, hot water, heat or air conditioning in their sub-standard living conditions. They also claimed that the food they were given “was expired or insufficient for consumption and nutrition,” according to court papers.

The students said that the classes offered at Cathedral Bible College “were not real.” The real purpose of the school, the students say, was to work long hours at the campus and at Miller’s home. reports that several of the students claimed they were paid $40 for 50 hours of work per week.

According to court papers, the students “described a pervasive climate of fear in which their legal status as non-immigrant students was in constant jeopardy, at the sole discretion of Dr. Miller, who threatened expulsion and therefore termination of their legal presence in the United States for noncompliance with his demands."

Miller has been charged with forced labor, a felony which could carry a maximum prison sentence of 20 years for each student.

The Cathedral Bible College, which markets itself to foreign students on the web, claims to offer degrees in theology, divinity, Christian counseling, Christian ministry and Bible studies.

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