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Christian Children's Book Teaches Kids to Oppose Gay Marriage (Video)

Amber Dee Parker has written a new Christian children's book, God Made Dad & Mom, that pushes back against gay marriage.

In a book trailer video (below), as noted by, Parker says the book is for "educating [children] about God's plan for one mother and one father in the confines of marriage."

The story features a boy named "Michael" who is taught by his teacher that "God made men to be fathers and women to be mothers."

Michael is also taken on  zoo trip where he is taught that animal families "consist of a male, a female, and their offspring."

In the book, Michael then prays for a classmate who has two dads:

"Dad can we pray for Jimmy and his dad?"

"That's a great idea!"

Michael prays, "Dear Jesus, please show Jimmy and his dads the truth about how you made them and how much you love them."



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