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Christian Brothers Use Down Syndrome To Oppose Abortion (Video)

Christian brothers and anti-abortion activists David and Jason Benham posted a video (below) on their Facebook page on March 21 to show their support for children who have Down syndrome, and other trisomy-related conditions, which they cited in their opposition to abortion.

Trisomy is when there are three instances of a specific chromosome instead of two. For example, Down syndrome is trisomy 21. March is Trisomy Awareness Month.

"So, in Iceland, since 2008 there's not been one Down syndrome baby that's been born," Jason stated. "In the U.K., there are more Down syndrome babies aborted than are born."

BBC News reported in September 2016 that 90 percent of U.K. women who are made aware that their child will be born with Down syndrome choose to have an abortion, but about one-third of pregnant women choose not to do Down syndrome screening, so any of those babies with Down syndrome would, presumably, be born.

Each year, around 750 children with Down syndrome are born in the U.K.

On the video David adds: "Even in America, 90 percent of Down syndrome babies, and other babies with trisomy, are aborted." This is not true, based on data.

Christianity Today noted a study in April 2015 that found about 5,300 babies were born annually in the U.S. between 2006-2010 with Down syndrome, while around 3,100 fetuses with Down syndrome were aborted in the same period of time. The total number of fetuses with Down syndrome would be about 8,400. At 3,100, the abortion rate would be less than 50 percent.

The researchers also found that close to 800 of the aborted fetuses would not have survived birth, which means there closer to 7,600 fetuses with Down syndrome. With that adjustment, the abortion rate is still below 50 percent.

Christianity Today added that other studies have shown that women who learn their fetus has Down syndrome before giving birth choose an abortion 90 percent of the time, as they do in the U.K., but noted that most women do not seek this type of information about their fetuses.

New, less invasive and more accurate testing methods are now available, which means women can more easily find out if their fetus has Down syndrome.

In the video David referred to two children and their mothers who appeared with the brothers: "Let me tell you something, Luke is loved by God, and is created by God and is special. And Emma is loved by God and special. I'll tell you what, the church really needs to lead the way on this because we love these kids and, we love these families."

Sources: Benham Brothers/Facebook, BBC News, Christianity Today / Photo credit: ManoftheOutdoors/Wikimedia Commons

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