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Christian Brothers Warn Against Repeal Of Anti-Gay Law (Video)

David and Jason Benham, who are Christian activists in North Carolina, warned their followers on Dec. 20 that if the state repeals its anti-LGBT law, House Bill 2, it will be "open season on Christians" (video below).

The Benham brothers delivered their message in a Facebook video with a Christmas tree in the background. David began by giving his version of what House Bill 2 does:

House Bill 2 accomplishes two things: It's the strongest law in the nation that protects the privacy and safety of all citizens, especially women and children in bathrooms and locker rooms. And, at the same time, it protects the rights of all North Carolinians to live out their faith without being punished by the government. And so House Bill 2 is a good law.

PolitiFact North Carolina noted in April that House Bill 2 allows businesses to discriminate against LGBT employees and customers. The bill also stops transgender people from using public facilities (such as bathrooms) that match their gender identity.

PolitiFact North Carolina also debunked the often-used conservative claim that House Bill 2 somehow enables sexual predators:

We searched far and wide for examples that fit three categories: 1. someone convicted of committing a sex crime AND 2. in the opposite gender’s bathroom or locker room AND 3. in a place that lets transgender people use the bathroom they feel most comfortable with.

We couldn’t find any in the United States, and conservative groups also couldn’t point to any. There have been a few recent allegations, and we gave some weight to those, but people in America are considered innocent until proven guilty. We also found one case of a Canadian who took advantage of transgender-friendly rules in Toronto to commit rape and has been convicted, facing life in prison.

In the video, David went on to warn Christians that if House Bill 2 is repealed, cities like Charlotte will pass ordinances (such as its so-called bathroom bill that was recently repealed), which will allow sexual predators into bathrooms and locker rooms (the Charlotte bathroom bill did not allow that):

And If you can repeal [House Bill 2], then they can go right back in and enact ordinances all over this state that will open up our bathrooms and our locker rooms to sexual predators. It will be open season on Christians that want to live out their faith in the marketplace. and we will be targeted in the marketplace. That is exactly what is happening here.

An Elon University poll found in September that 49.5 percent of North Carolinians opposed House Bill 2, while 39.5 percent favored the law, reported The Charlotte Observer.

Almost 60 percent felt that House Bill 2 had damaged the reputation of North Carolina, which has been the target of numerous corporate boycotts since passing the law.

Sources: The Charlotte Observer, Benham Brothers/Facebook, PolitiFact North Carolina / Photo credit: Benham Brothers/Facebook via YouTube

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