Christian Boy Scout Troop Leader Compares Gay Scouts to Thieves


Thom Fairleigh, a Boy Scout troop leader in Marble Falls, Texas, recent told a local newspaper that he would treat gay scouts like thieves and send them to pastoral counseling.

“It’s just like if a boy came to me and said he’s a thief, in Christian love I would say ‘You’ve got a problem and that we definitely will not approve of it’ and we would send him to get pastoral counseling,” Fairleigh told The Highlander.

One newspaper reader called the comment "ignorant." Another said it was "sickening."

The Boy Scouts of America voted to allow gay scouts in May 2013.

Boy Scouts of America Capitol Area Council spokesperson Charles Mead also disagrees with Fairleigh.

“It’s been our preference and more importantly the preference of the families who are in our program to direct questions of that nature back to the family,” Mead told KEYE.

Apparently, Fairleigh agreed to an anti-gay resolution with the First Baptist Church of Marble Falls, which sponsors the scouts.

According to KXAN, the resolution states:

We believe homosexual sexual activity, not orientation, to be a sin. This will be the moral standard in regard to human sexuality communicated within our Troop/Pack/Crew 284 whenever conversations arise in the natural exchanges between leaders and scouts. It is not a curriculum or a class, simply a guiding morality woven into the fabric of our BSA units. We will not abandon our BSA units at this time as many churches are doing.

Even though the Boy Scouts of America allows gay scouts, Mead says the church can impose its beliefs on scouts that it sponsors.

“It is within the rights of that chartering partner to incorporate their religious beliefs and their religious teachings into the scouting program,” Mead explained.

Sources: The Highlander, KEYE, KXAN


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