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Christian Blogger Tries Not to Write About Tim Tebow

I woke up thinking about what I was going to post today, and I told myself I was not going to go the obvious route as a Colorado resident and write about Tim Tebow. So here are some of the things I resolved not to write about.

There’s not much more that can be said about the implications of Divine favoritism that haven’t already been said, except for the fact that Tebow himself doesn’t dare suggest that God is on his side any more than anyone else. It’s one thing to joke about gaining the Holy Upper Hand with Tebow at the helm, but tell that to abused and neglected children, or victims of natural disasters, human trafficking, and so on who likely ponder the possibility of God’s non-existence – if not indifference – on a daily basis.

Most of us know Tebow is using his own money to help build a children’s hospital, which is pretty nauseatingly admirable. So we’ll leave that one alone.

Some sports commentators are claiming yesterday’s came is the nail in the coffin of Tebow critics (critics of his football skills, mind you, and not of him as a person). But lest we forget, the guy is 1 for 4 in his last 5 games. Beneficiary of remarkable timing? Yes. Lucky to land a playoff berth with a .500 record. Yep. But mention his name in the same sentence with the likes of Elway, Staubach, or even Brees and Brady and you’re speaking from the heart rather than the head. Not much to hype there.

I’ve already critiqued his decision to appear in a Focus on the Family commercial, but at the same time, I do respect the guy’sfaithfulness, conviction and his ability to inspire others. I’ll let that one rest.

Tebow’s Broncos versus Brady’s Patriots next week? Not much to analyze there either, though I suppose there’s always the possibility they’ll pull another one out of the hat. If history serves as any real precedent…

Yes, I think his kneeling thing is goofy, but he seems sincere, so I’ll leave him alone.

Yes, I think it’s cool that he ran a victory lap around the stadium after another remarkable storybook win.

Yes, I find it both heartening and a little cheesy that he says the highlight of his day wasn’t the game itself, but rather meeting a disabled girl who had herself defied the odds.

So I’m not going to talk about those either.

Do I wish it wasn’t an evangelical once again garnering the spotlight as the poster child for the Christian faith? I guess so. But hey, there’s always Bono…

Hey, the kid earns his ink, I suppose. He’s compelling, inspiring and a little quirky. He’s a lighting rod for public opinion, and thus far, he’s handled it pretty well. Since my beloved Cowboys will be riding the couch for the rest of the season, I’ll be watching next week like everyone else. Should they win? No. Might they summon another stunner out of some unknown orifice? Could be.

Dammit. He did it to me again. I wrote about him anyway. But this really, really, really is the last time…

Until the next time at least.


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