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Christian Bathroom Protester Arrested At Target (Video)

Michael Merichko was arrested on charges of disorderly conduct at a Target store in Bourbonnais, Illinois, on May 2 (video below).

Merichko was apparently protesting Target's new gender identity policy for bathrooms, notes WMAQ.

The Bradley Police Department said Merichko caused "panic among store employees and customers," and officers originally responded to a call about an active shooter in the store, which was not the case.

Bradley Police Lt. Mike Johnston said Merichko did not make threats about shooting anyone, and no gun was found.

"We are still looking into how the call came out as an active shooter," Johnston stated in a press release. "A subject was confronted outside the store and taken into custody without incident."

According to the Kankakee Daily Journal, it was a Target employee who called 911 to report an active shooter, and dozens of police officers responded. Merichko was arrested without any incident, said police.

Merichko allegedly yelled out several warnings, such as, "America is going to hell."

Merichko posted a video on April 25 on Facebook recalling his previous trip to Target to "investigate" the new bathroom policy. In the video, Merichko mentions that the police were called in that instance, so he did not stage a "rebuke."

Merichko quoted the Bible and added:

"It's pretty much gotten to the point that if you believe in manhood, you're an offense. And you're better off dead to them. You know what? It doesn't matter, I'm not changing my mind for anybody.

"...We are trying to tell people that Jesus loves them. That's ridiculous. No, he can't stand sinners. He hates them. He's angry with the wicked everyday. The wicked shall be turned into hell, and all the nations, does that include America? Yes. Does that include this wonderful godly nation? See Psalm 147. This nation was never godly."

Target said in a statement: "The safety and security of our guests and team is a top priority."

Sources: WMAQ, Michael Lloyd Merichko/FacebookKankakee Daily Journal / Photo credit: Bradley Police Department via Chicago Tribune

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