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Christian Bakery Turns Down Gay Wedding Cake, But Will Bake Dog Wedding Cake

The Masterpiece Cake Shop in Lakewood, Colo., refused to provide cupcakes for Stephanie Schmalz and her partner, Jeanine, who were planning a commitment ceremony.

Bakery owner, Jack Phillips (pictured), told Schmalz that he had a policy against selling cakes for same-sex weddings and ceremonies.

According to, Phillips claimed his policy is based on "reading of the Word of God."

Schmalz said she called the Masterpiece Cake Shop sometime later and pretended to order a dog wedding cake for two canines that were getting married.

Phillips reportedly did not object, quoted a price and asked how soon she needed the dog marriage cake, which had to feed 20 people and included the names "Roscoe" and "Buffy."

However, it is not legal for dogs to get married in the United States, nor does the Bible even suggest that animals may marry.

The ACLU is representing another gay couple, Dave Mullins and Charlie Craig, who were also turned down for a wedding cake by the Masterpiece Cake Shop back in 2012, reported CBS Denver.

Mullins and Craig filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Division, which later concluded that Masterpiece Cake Shop broke the law by discriminating against the gay men.

The Colorado Attorney General's office filed a formal complaint against the Masterpiece Cake Shop this week.

"Masterpiece Cake Shop has willfully and repeatedly considered itself above the law when it comes to discriminating against customers," the ACLU stated. "We look forward to helping Dave and Charlie prove otherwise at the upcoming hearing."

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