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Christian Bakery That Refused Gay Wedding Cakes Now Bakes Ex-Gay Cakes

Sweet Cakes by Melissa, a Christian-owned bakery, closed its doors earlier this year after its owners Aaron and Melissa Klein were found guilty of violating gay people's rights by the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries.

The Kleins refused to make a wedding cake for a lesbian couple in 2013, which resulted in the complaint against them.

However, the bakery, now called "Sweet Cakes," continues to exist as an online business.

According to The Advocate, the bakery recently posted a picture on its Facebook page of some goods that it recently made for the Restored Hope Network, an ex-gay organization, and added the caption “Cakes for Restored Hope Network. What a wonderful ministry!”

The Restored Hope Network is run by a self-identified “ex-lesbian” Anne Paulk, whose ex-husband John Paulk founded the ex-gay ministry Exodus International. However, John admitted earlier this year that he is still gay and that reparative ex-gay therapy doesn't work, noted Newsweek.

Anne continues to claim that gay people can be changed into straight people, and recently posted on the Restored Hope Network Facebook page:

Honestly, I say that any government (state or federal) that encourages men to have sex with other men and does not allow those with unwanted same-sex attraction to receive talk therapy is a willing partner to their death.

While Sweet Cakes still does not make cakes for gay people based on its deeply-held Christian religious beliefs, Willamette Week reported last year that the bakery was "willing to provide baked goods for celebrations of divorces, unmarried parents, stem-cell research, non-kosher barbecues and pagan solstice parties."

Sources: The Advocate, Facebook, Newsweek, Willamette Week, (Photo Credit: Facebook)


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