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Christian Author Credits God For Chemotherapy (Video)

Nabeel Qureshi, a Muslim convert to Christianity and author of the book "No God But One: Allah or Jesus," credited God Nov. 17 for the partially successful chemotherapy treatments of his stage four stomach cancer (video below).

Qureshi, who was diagnosed with the cancer back in August, has been posting video updates about his condition to YouTube, notes The Christian Post.

Before announcing the results of his latest PET scan, Qureshi said:

The first verse that came to my mind when I saw the scan results, and that is the section starting in Matthew 8:22, I'm sorry, Mark 8:22, which talks about a blind man who is brought to Jesus, and Jesus spits on his eyes and he says, "Can you seen anything?" And the blind man says, "I see people, like trees, walking around."

Presumably he had sight earlier in his life, and so he knew what trees and people look like. Then Jesus finishes his healing after laying hands on him and the man looks around and he is able to see everything clearly. It's a very interesting passage, why did Jesus have to do this two-step healing? ... The two-step healing, I think, is symbolic and very interesting to ponder on. I think I am in the middle of a two-step heeling right now.

Qureshi then gave an update on his chemotherapy:

The primary mass of the tumor, what was in my stomach, is now gone. The stomach wall still is cancerous, because what a PET scan measures is glucose uptake, and so there's still increased uptake in the stomach wall, which indicates some kind of cancer. But the physical mass that was there is gone. So, that's a matter of huge rejoicing. The lymph nodes right by the stomach that were cancerous, that's all resolved as well.

Qureshi also mentioned that he has one lymph node -- far from the stomach -- that doctors are considering "actively cancerous," but said that it had gotten smaller and decreased "in glucose uptake."

He went on to thank God for his four rounds of chemotherapy, prayed for the "second step" of healing and asked others to pray for his healing.

Qureshi also showed his audience the portable chemo bag that he is currently using, and led them in a prayer.

He did not make mention of medical science breakthroughs in cancer treatment, or the education and skill of his doctors.

Sources: The Christian Post, NQMinistries/YouTube / Photo credit: NQMinistries/YouTube

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