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Christian Activists Want 'Sanctuary States' For The 'Preborn' (Video)

Christian activists at the Liberty Counsel are advocating the creation of "sanctuary states" in the U.S. for the "preborn," effectively banning legal abortion in those states (video below).

Mat Staver and Matt Barber made their comments on their "Faith and Freedom" radio program on Aug. 12, notes

Staver called for Planned Parenthood to be defunded, and added that there was no reason for the federal government or the states to be funding "genocide." By law, federal government funding for Planned Parenthood pays only for women's health services, not abortions.

Staver added:

"But beyond that, we need to stop abortion. We need to have (Kansas) Gov. (Sam) Brownback and others just simply say, 'Enough is enough, we're not going to kill children in our state. Not only are we not going to fund it,' which is a no-brainer, obviously why would you want to fund it, it's like funding the Holocaust. Why would you want to fund the Holocaust?

"We're not going to fund the killing of unborn children. We're not going to fund genocide of any kind within our state. We are going to have a sanctuary state that is one that protects unborn, preborn children.

"And in fact, you know, you've got these sanctuary, so-called sanctuary cities, you've got people talking about sanctuary states, setting these up for the protection of illegal aliens, we should set up a sanctuary location, a sanctuary city, but particularly a sanctuary state that says that children within our state, they're protected, we will not stand by and allow them to be slaughtered in the womb."

Barber added that Arizona, Georgia, Indiana, Louisiana, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma and other "red states that recognize the sanctity of human life that could come together and say, 'We are going to be sanctuary states for the preborn.'"

In 2007, the Liberty Counsel warned that undocumented immigrants were a threat to religious freedom and that immigrants should have the same values and beliefs:

"Both amnesty and our current immigration practice of no enforcement of the law present a serious threat to America's heritage, moral values and religious freedom. While America has always welcomed refugees, the Founders believed in the principle of 'E Pluribus Unum' (Out of many, one). That is, America was a melting pot of many nationalities, but the many nationalities would melt into one nation with shared values and beliefs."

Sources: RightWingWatch.orgLiberty Counsel / Photo credit: Liberty Counsel Logo


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