Christian Activists Rewrite History, Claim Imagined Persecution by Jon Stewart (Audio)


Wendy Wright, of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, and Chelsen Vicari, of the Institute on Religion and Democracy, rewrote history and created some imagined Christian persecution this week while guest hosting Sandy Rios' American Family Association radio show.

According to, both Christian activists were upset that Jon Stewart had stated in 2005 that Christians had been in charge following the conversion of Roman Emperor Constantine I to Christianity in 325 A.D. (audio below).

"So he seems to have thought that we're in charge and we're the oppressors," said Wright. “I guess he never heard of the Crusades. The Crusades were actually defensive against the Muslim hordes who were overtaking Europe and some of the horrific things things we hear happening by the Islamists today, that was widespread during those times."

However, in reality, the Crusades were launched by Christians against Muslims (and other religions) by Pope Urban II in 1095, notes

Then Vicari imagined in her mind how hostile Stewart would have been to Malala Yousafzai, a 16-year-old Muslim education activist from Pakistan, had she been defending Christians.

"I couldn’t, I just couldn’t see why there was such a disconnect between the way Jon Stewart was treating Malala for something very admirable, a girl’s right to an education, but he couldn’t stand up for the right to believe in Jesus Christ,” said Vicari.

"I had this thought, Wendy, I thought, you know if Malala Yousafzai was a Christian standing up for girls’ rights to believe in Jesus Christ, would we still know her name? Would she receive all this praise that she’s getting from the international community? From our national leaders? The president just invited her to the White House on Friday. Would Jon Stewart have had her on his show? The answer is probably not and I have to ask the question, why that is?" stated Vicari.

Of course, Vicari's scenario was completely imagined and not actual Christian persecution.

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